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The Alternative Strategies Fund Makes Its Q3 Distributions ›› read more  
Press Release: Litman Gregory Masters Funds launches High Income Alternatives Fund with four sub-advisors focused on alternative sources of income relative to core fixed income. ›› read more  
2018 Semi-Annual Report ›› read more  
2018 Semi-Annual Shareholder Letter: A review of the first half of 2018, a look forward, and our thoughts on the bigger picture. ›› read more  
Alternative Strategies Fund Commentary: We are not in an environment where managers should chase returns by making high-risk bets. The fund’s sub-advisors have found select opportunities but otherwise remain conservatively positioned. Still, the fund has held up well versus a conservative mix of stocks and bonds so far this year. ›› read more  
Equity Fund Commentary: The fund underperformed for the quarter but remains ahead of its benchmark and peer group for the year to date. Stock picking in technology was the primary driver of the underperformance, with gains in Visa being offset by declines in other holdings. ›› read more  
International Fund Commentary: Stock selection was the main driver of the fund’s outperformance this quarter. Contributors came from stock picks in consumer discretionary (the fund’s largest sector overweight), industrials, and tech. ›› read more  
Smaller Companies Fund Commentary: Most of the fund’s underperformance relative to the index stemmed from sector allocation, including significant overweights to materials and industrials. Interestingly, stock selection was strong in both these sectors. For example, industrial holding Axon Enterprises rose 62% in the quarter. ›› read more  
Moningstar Analyst Report on MASFX: "...remains a solid choice in the multialternative category..." ›› read more  
Morningstar calls our Alternative Strategies Fund one of Two Good Entry Points Into Alternative Investing. ›› watch  
Financial Advisor Magazine features Litman Gregory in a recent article, saying "the Litman Gregory Masters Alternative Strategies Fund has managed to rise above the competition." ›› read more  
Mutual Fund Observer highlights the Alternative Strategies Fund in this profile ›› read more  
How We Seek to Identify Great Active Managers: Litman Gregory's Jack Chee discusses our manager research process, stressing the need to clearly understand a manager's investment process and what makes that manager great. ›› read more